Best Way of Social and Business Networking

Networking, even before the Internet, was a great way to create a list of helpful contacts and consumers. However, before the Internet, it was done differently that it is today. It was usually done using middlemen to do the linking for you or to simply making contacts whatever way possible, weather that be through friends or associates. The Internet has made networking much easier; however the same idea that went into the old ways is very prevalent today.


Before the Internet things were done person to person. Weather it was over the phone, over lunch, or during a golf game. It took a lot of effort to network and makes contacts. However the contacts were much stronger and gave a face to your business.

The Internet now makes networking so fast and easy. It’s as easy as punching a few keys on the keyboard and clicking the mouse button, and e-mails can be sent back and fourth. There is hardly any effort in doing this, and this essentially frees up more time for you to be able to do other things affiliated with your business. Although this does seem better, it makes your business a lot less personable.

Mixing the two covers all your bases. Using e-mails, or even discussion forums can be a helpful way to meet people and contacts. However, in order for those contacts to be strong, it would be beneficial to speak on the phone, meet for lunch, or play that golf game. Golf is a great way to create contacts and have fun while doing it. In doing this, you could create a great impression and then the contact could mention your name to one of his friends, and it could flow down to their friends creating an even larger network.

If you ignore the personable approaches to networking, you contacts might not be very strong. If you ignore the use of technology and the Internet, it might be hard to first meet those contacts that can help get your name out.

Technology has made things a lot easier for people who own their own business. This isn’t always a good thing because it could make your company feel less like a person and more like a corporation. It’s key to not ignore methods used in the past such as phone conversations, lunch meetings and golf games to strengthen contacts. However, the Internet is a useful to meet various contacts that could get your name out, and in doing so help your business become successful.

Finding trustworthy buyers and sellers in online trade

We were always told that our country is a land of opportunities and everybody can live the American Dream. We see people of success everywhere and every time, on mass media, TV and even more on the internet lately. The very average people who became millionaires because of the beauty of the internet.

buyorsellWhat’s more, there are hundreds of online training and courses that teach how to become one of those.

We always pride that we can live in a free country, where the market forms supply and demand. But there are always people who try to take advantage of others looking for help with earning their first money online.

So how can we be more cautious and trust only those, who really wants to help? The most intelligent scammers will be very polite and will try to earn your trust with extremely creative and always new ways and strategies.

You should always be aware and check every possible testimonial on those services, however, it can be fabricated also.

But I’m here to show you some valuable ideas that you could use when searching for products or any other online service.

There are many websites and services offering magic “one-button” model that will make you rich in no time. They usually have a good number of testimonials which in most cases are fake.

What you actually get is a common pdf with a couple of “advice” that are hard to implement or without any kind of deeper explanation. These “products” also don’t have any kind of support or contact with the owner, so don’t expect that your questions will be answered.

You can always look for an opinion amongst people you know, maybe someone has any experience with it. That doesn’t mean you always get a response you were expecting if any, but could share some light and give you more insight on the product.

Look around the net for any kind of negative review and pay attention to any signs of previous abuse.

Contact info in such an informative online products are essential and build trust and credibility of a proper business. Before buying you can call and ask few questions, most of the times this could filter out those obvious scammers.

Check if there’s an option to postpone whole payment: legit businesses won’t have a problem with that and they’ll always care about their clients.

Not only sellers who can cause pain in your head. Buyers also can be very picky and unreliable so make sure they provide some kind of payment proof.

Don’t try to follow every caprice of your customer regarding price or time of delivery. Those kinds of clients you should avoid. They will make you more trouble and waste your time than you make a profit on them. Try to focus on your regular buyers and make them happy all the time.

Also, watch out for any agreement that buyer tries to persuade to sign. There are too many little loopholes out there to not be aware of them.

10 Techniques For Your Business Facebook Fan Page

More and more people register on Facebook every day, with a thrilling number of users already.

It’s very easy to make a new Facebook page with all brand info but not so easy when you want to grow your customers base, go viral with your product promotion or simply receive huge amount of shares or likes of your profile.

facebook business pages

You have to realize what could be the factor that someone stays on your page. People often scan websites looking for fast answer and there’s not much of difference when it comes to Facebook pages. Will they be engaged by helpful content on your wall? Will they like and share your posts? All these questions could bring you negative response if you don’t take care of look and functionality of your FB page.

But guess what? You’ll find here 10 tips you can implement on one evening that could definitely improve engagement and what’s more important – conversions of your product.

1 – Your “Call-To-Action” Button and Image

This is probably one of the most important parts in process of converting the visitors. Just dedicate some time to find nice catchy picture, test it out for some time, then put another one. Choose name of your button wisely to something related to your product. You don’t always want to make it “Buy now” – sometimes you just need to funnel them to your opt-in form and receive their email address.

2 – Make a YouTube Video and embed it on your page

Nothing is attracting more attention than a video, believe me. Especially with a catchy picture. So first, just like before:

Find related image that draw some eyes to it.

Make sure your video look professional or is funny/explanatory – whatever your purpose is for it.

Making good videos is another story, but there are many services that could make you a decent one.

Good example:

3 – Only your fans should see your best content

That’s pretty easy to achieve with image and Like button on it. All hints mentioned before about pictures are in place. You should only add some text that brings more curiosity to the visitor.

Example: Does Your Hair Shed Too Much too?

4 – Setting a store with plugin

If you have many products you could use this tactic to receive more likes, comments and reviews to each every one of them.

The use of this plugin is very simple, with much of the configuration can stay standard.

5 – Don’t forget about “Share Button”

Simply putting an address to share in your code should allow you to a whole new audience attracted by FB friends.

6 – Insert Flash Content Flash Videos could be also useful

Very similar case to the Youtube videos, just don’t forget about nice preview image that brings some attention.

7 – Rollover Effect

If you’re creative enough or know someone who is, you can go little wilder with images and make them rollover the screen. Actually it’s not as hard as it sounds, all can be done with some work on CSS and HTML.

8 – Google Analytics is your friend

Even if Facebook doesn’t have appropriate statistics system you could always use good old fashioned Google tool.

Just follow the standard procedure of creating an account and receive an unique GA code, then all you need to do is to place the code your FB ML code. You could check your new stats in a day or so.

9 – Box “Invite your friends” will be nice

Great feature to add as a page footer where everybody can easily, with one click, ask own friends to join and like your content.

10 – Pop-up window

You can always add some extra call to action dialog with simple email field and try to catch some more future customers.

Those techniques are only the basic ones, but at the same time they could do miracles. Don’t wait to make things happen, just use the wisdom you learned here and take some massive action!

2 Tips to Grow Your Biz with Simple Law

This short story is about a well-known baseball player and it starts at the early 1900’s. Back in the day it was common to collect baseball cards integrated with cigarettes that were created by tobacco companies.

This famous player, whose name was Honus Wagner, was completely opposite to smoking and every kind of promoting it. For this reason, his card was removed from the new set published in 1909.

In consequence, only a handful of 60 cards are available today and not all of them are in good shape. Because of this one of those cards was sold for an unbelievable price of $2.35 million.

How is this possible?

Of course, there are many people who are crazy about baseball cards but the most important factor was:

The law of Scarcity

law of scarcity

Very basic definition of this law is that when some product or item is hardly available to the public or its price will be much higher than at a specific period of time.

With that said we can divide law of scarcity to two different rules:

  1. Rule of Limited Quantity.
  2. Rule of Limited Time.

1. The Rule of Limited Quantity.

As it was stated above, if there’s a low level of certain good available on the market we can definitely describe it as a sign of limited quantity. Baseball card of a famous player was the best illustration of how strong that rule can be.

Imagine all those collectors eager to find a quality card of Honus Wagner. They could think: “There’s only a few from 60 with good quality. I need to have whatever the cost!”
That’s how the prices skyrocketed on this one.

As a seller, you can leverage this rule in a very simple way.

Let’s say you have an online course about internet marketing. If you have an email list of 1000 subscribers you can send them an offer of this course, but with a note that there are only 500 spots to fill in. When 500 people jump in the sale of the course will be closed for a couple of months or even forever.

That could be only one possibility for your subscribers to jump in and be a part of the community.

Again, that’s a strong motivator for a lot of us. Feeling that we can miss an opportunity to improve our lives and our knowledge has extremely big impact on our decision-making process. That’s exactly what is needed to push people to their final decision.

2. The rule of Limited Time

There are two rules in the law of scarcity, but frankly they are very much similar. We just replace the quantity factor with the time factor.

Using the same example from the previous rule, we can tell people that our offer will stand only for a limited amount of time. After that, the price will rise up significantly.

Such a deadline plays with our feelings in an identical manner to limited quantity. Our brain works intensively on buying decision and the reasonable part of it lead us to better do it now than later.

What’s the reason of doing that?

In our times, there are constantly deadlines. As well as in work obviously, but also in private life too. There’s not much of a motivation if we can do this “later”. That means, most of the times, never. I’ll do it, but not just now, right?

If the deadline is approaching with big steps we constantly feel it and think about it. And it’s a lot more thinking when it’s coming close.

That kind of urgency unleashes our will to take action and motivates us to get things done.

What’s the best of both of these rules? You can use them at the same time.

With my example:
I’ll set up a launch of my product for 10 days starting now and only to 500 people. Guess what? That’s a tremendous motivation push for all of my subscribers. They can’t resist it.

If they won’t jump in now, they’ll have an annoying feeling that they miss an unbelievable chance of something with a bargain price.

If you’re serious about your business you should definitely consider using these techniques on your own products. Believe me, works like a charm!

Few more tips here:

Finding Money

finding money

One key point I have spoken of before and I am a big proponent of is doing a budget. When you do a budget, your eyes become wide open on how much money you really have. Sometimes this is good news and other times it is not. For most though, it is like finding money you never knew you had.

There are many ways to find money that you thought you didn’t have. First, take a look at what you are spending your money on. Eating at restaurants and fast food places can be one of the biggest expenses in many budgets. I would like to say I never eat out but that would be a lie. There are ways to cheapen the bill though. Buying a soda or other beverage now can cost up from £1.25 to £3.00. This is not good for your budget or your waistline. Ask for ice water and you could save £5-£15 a week on average. That adds up to between £260 and £780 a year. Not a bad little find is it?

save moneyWhat about desert? Do you eat desert at most meals out? They can range from £1.25 up to £6 or more. Some deserts cost as much as the meal. Say you only have desert out three times a week. That is between £195 and £936 a year. Now that is nothing to sneeze at. try to eliminate the deserts or splitting with a partner and you could see you waist line shrink and your wallet grow. These are just a couple of examples that you can save from eating out. There are so many that you could find that will help you find money.

Alright, maybe you are more disciplined than I am. Maybe you do not eat out at all or very rarely. Let’s take a look at other ways to save. How many of you still pay your bills by mailing a check each month? If you only send out seven bills a month, you overspend by £30.24 a year plus the extra costs for buying checks. If you pay bills online, it is easier, cheaper, and you can pay instantly. Better yet, automate the ones you can and save more time and leave no chance of forgetting a bill.

So are you seeing a trend in how the small things add up? Look at your utility bills and cable bills. Can you cut out extra features you don’t need? The phone company is one who loves to add the extra charges. Make sure you are not paying for features or services you do not need. Do you have HBO or Showtime? How often do you really watch them? If you do not use, ditch them and save $100 or more a year. Does your cable or satellite company offer smaller packages? Sometimes they also offer discounts for loyal customers. It does not hurt to ask.

When trying to become debt free, you need to reevaluate everything in your life and see of it can be cut, eliminated, or reduced. Baby steps in reducing your expenses can be like finding money you never knew you had. Be a pauper now and you will live like a king later.